Knights of Columbus Initiation Ceremony?


The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal service organization. It supports charitable causes and lobbies for legislation that is compatible with the Catholic Church's stance on various issues. What goes on at their initiation ceremony is not publicized, as it is meant to be a test of the virtues of the gentlemen joining. Knowing what occurs beforehand might cause error in the testing process.
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There are four. Degrees. of Knighthood within the Knights of Columbus. The initiation ceremonies into each, also referred to as. Degrees. are said to vary from chapter to chapter.
These different groups like the Free Masons, never divulge their secrets. What's the big deal?
The initiation to the Knights of Columbus is a secret
The ceremonies are not spoken, but I can tell you they are each different and do not cause harm to you. They just help you to understand yourself in a Catholic environment. Source
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The secrets are heavily guarded,but some secret charms ...
The Knights of Columbus secret initiation ritual is unknown unless you are a KofC. Members are sworn to secrecy and membership depends on whether it's believed ...
Knights of Columbus is an organization that is not secret but rather have initiation rights that are kept secret. It has a website which people can readily access ...
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