How to Read Patterns & Abbreviations in Knitting?


You can read patterns and abbreviations in knitting by first learning the meanings of the abbreviations. Some basic knitting abbreviations include K for knit stitch. Use a popular website to become familiar with the terms such as Craft Yarn Council. Knitting patterns can be read once you understand these abbreviations. For example, CO 12 sts means that you should make a slip knot followed by 11 more stitches.
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1. Find the symbol key in the pattern and look up the word meaning for each symbol in the glossary. 2. Write them down on the paper. 3. Read the pattern as one would read this article
It means "place marker"
Hi Lois! I'm back. Now for the second question. I found a website for translation. One is So, for example the part that say "1 h" looks like it probably means "hebilla
here is a link for abbreviations. if you keep it on your favourites, it will just be a click away. k = knit. Source(s)….
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