Knitting Questions?


Knitting questions can seem difficult to the beginner at times. The reason for this is that in answers abbreviations may be used without a key. The key is standard and the same is used for all knitting patters and terms. Other questions often asked are how to use round needles, yarn overs, or join seams together. The answers to these and many more can be found at Knit 911. They have everything to help you learn to knit at your local craft store.
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Unless you're making a collaborative effort of it and directly involving your dinner companions, it's more rude to add Quora questions (or do web browsing of any kind) on your phone
A true/false question about knitting that could be tricky:
I would guess it's a circular needle Those needles are designed to knit in the round. In the old days, you would be fighting with 4 double pointed needles to work in a circle, than
Without knowing what kind of hat you are making, it's really hard to say how to finish it. There are many different ways. it depends on what YOU want to do. Usually, you would decrease
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