How do you knit socks with circular needles?


One will have two sets of circular needles which are four double pointed, two will join the edges and let the other two needle hang down in the middle, measure the length of the foot, use only one circular needle and cast on twelve stitches, Increase the stitch markers, continue increasing at the ankle, in other words Knit socks with circular needles are designed with creativity and they are marketable according to their uniqueness.
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1. Two sets of circular needles are like four double pointed needles except that there are only two joining edges and the non-working needle hangs down with the work in the middle
Because of the limited size of socks and mittens, it is difficult to use circular needles because the length of the ends plus even a short wire is too long. Normally, these are knitted
Circular needle is a type of knitting needle used in circular knitting and is intended to produce different garment pieces such as socks, thus knitting socks on circular needles.
I don't know how correct it is, but this website says in the early 20th century:
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Knitting Socks: Circular Needles
Circular needles are used for knitting socks to pile all of the stitches on one needle. Use circular needles with tips from a knitting teacher in this free video on yarn crafts.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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