Knitting Terms?


Knitting terms may seem complicated at first but once you learn them they are fairly easy. R1 means row 1. After the row number will follow the type of stitch and how many such as k1 means knit 1, and p1 means purl 1. CA and CB stand for colors a and b when using more than one color. CH means to use a crochet hook and make a chain. Co is to cast on, and EOR is end of row. There are many more terms available in knitting for beginners books.
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Here are the most commonly used knitting terms and their definitions, and how you will see their abbreviations marked in patterns. Knit: When you are reading a pattern, knit refers
Don't seem to recognize that one. Look in the link below for recognized knitting terms. WRKwise (with right side facing knit wise) would make more sense perhaps the L has been typed
A slip stitch in knitting is where you pull the next stitch off the left needle
A person who doesn't knit. Or, to put it more poetically, one who doesn't know the magic of knitting. (With apologies to J.K. Rowling.) The muggles gave us strange looks when we pulled
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