Knocking Water Pipes?


Knocking water pipes occurs when air gets into the pipes and the water tries to push past it. There are options for helping remove the air such as capping the pipes or installing a Water Hammer Arrester. There are 3 different kids or arresters available as of March 2013. The first is a vertical capped version that allows water in that slowly absorbs the air bubbles. The second is an in-line version that traps the air as it is separated from the water. The third is a screw on version that can be used on faucets such as the lines for the washing machine.
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Water mains that deliver water to your home are carrying a lot of water that is under pressure. When you turn on the faucet in your home, the pressure of the water behind it is released
The water pipes are not fastened securely, causing a condition known as water hammer. Envision yourself running toward a doorway and just as you get there someone slams it in your
By draining your lines you restore air to the risers that dampen surges which prevents water hammers. If you have had recent plumbing work done someone may not have put the risers
1. Test the pipe for water flow. If the pipes are flowing and draining at all, allow them to at a safe amount. Flowing water through the pipes will assist in the defrosting process.
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Knocking water pipes are directly associated with water pressure. The knocking is generally an indication of either no water in the pipes or air in the pipes. If water comes out immediately through the knocking then the cause is generally valve covers leaking. These can be individually checked or all the seals can be immediately replaced as a preventative measure. Air getting into the pipes will cause the valves to loose their suction pressure and cause the knocking.
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