How to Make Homemade Knockout Drops?


A knockout drops recipe will knock someone out about 15 minutes after they consume it. To make homemade knockout drops you need bleach, calcium oxide, ethyl alcohol, sani-flush, and sulfuric acid. You also need an aquarium aerator, syringe for basting, chlorine bottle, water glass, 600 milliliter beaker, a thermometer for cooking, and rubber and glass tubing.
Q&A Related to "How to Make Homemade Knockout Drops?"
pl.n. Slang A solution, usually of chloral hydrate in alcohol, put into a drink surreptitiously in order to render the drinker unconscious.
Knockout gas, or a gas that will cause unconsciousness when inhaled, is illegal.
Unless you are a G-2 or Vespa agent, well, they are against the Law. Vespa Agents carried 24 and 48 hour knockout drops, and also Black hulled Suicide Pills possibly nicknamed ( from
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