Know You Partner Questions?


Some questions you can answer to find out how well you know your partner can be simple such as their favorite color. Other easy questions may be their birthday, hobbies, or favorite movie. Some questions may not be as easy to answer such as what their sexual fantasies are, or what they like most about the other sex. Some couples can be together for years and not know the honest answers to some questions about their partners.
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1. ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT FEELINGS AND NEEDS. Any marriage counselor worth their salt will help a married couple work on communication about feelings and needs to deepen their marriage
Civil unions are an attempt at giving equal rights to partners without marriage, but in practice it doesn't always work this way. For example, in Illinois all couples regardless of
Mainly outlook on life, have they got any children, have they been married, are they married, have they got any other partners, medical history and if they have anything hidden in
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