Kodak C183?


Kodak C183 is a camera. It is used to take pictures of priceless and countless moments. To turn on sound, press menu, select sound, then turn on the sound button.
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You have to plug it in to your computer to listen to videos.
What you have to do is go to the icon with the spanner (as shown above) and keep tabbing down. There are more options than just the ones you see in the screen (not just High Power
Kodak C183 digital camera:Undo-Delete pictures, go to Recycle Bin.Restore images by double-clicking the Recycle Bin, select images to retrieve & click Restore.
When I record a video and done recording it and watch the video there's no sound and I went on utube watched a video on my iPod touch typed in kodiac easy share C183 watched a video
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