How to Refill Kodak Ink.?


1. Leave the printer on. Open the printer access door. This panel will most likely be located on the top of your printer and may be colored differently to allow for easy access. 2. Wait for the printhead to stop moving. Once it has stopped in the
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Walmart and best buy.
Most office supply stores sell Kodak printer ink. You can even order it only at
If you are using a refill kit, the instructions are in the kit. I tried it for awhile and it was such a hassle. Now, I take the empty cartridges to Walgreen's; $10 for black and $15
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Kodak ink cartridges come in both color and black. Over the years they have made many different kinds of printers but have kept the ink containers the same for ...
1. Layer the area where you are going to work with newspaper or old cloths. Place the Kodak number 10 cartridge upright so that the label is on top. 2. Drill a ...
To reset a smart chip in series ten Kodak, start by turning it off and then wait for a few seconds and put it on again. Click on the start menu and then select ...
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