How to Adjust a Kohler Toilet Tank?


Kohler toilet tank leaks may be fixed by checking if the tank has a crack in it. One may also adjust a Kohler toilet tank to make sure the leak is not due to a problem inside the tank. One may also check make sure all screws are tight.
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1. Turn off the water supply at the wall. You can find the shut-off valve by following the inlet hose from the tank to where it connects to the wall. 2. Flush the toilet to get rid
typically these two problems are caused by two different things. A running toilet is most commonly caused by a leaking flapper (when you push down on the flush handle a chain lifts
Please make sure the water is off! the fluid master has a slip ring at the bottom of the float base it pulls up then you can adjust the float up or, down and, snap it back down. at
Either the seal was kinked/moved out of position when you set the tank, or the bolts aren't tight enough. Be careful, though; it's a fine line between tight enough and broken.
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Leaks From the Tank on a Kohler Toilet
Kohler manufactures one-piece toilets, where the tank and the bowl are a single component, and traditional two-piece toilets, where the tank and the bowl are separate components bolted together. The seam between the top of the bowl and the bottom of the... More »
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