Korean War Purple Heart Recipients?


You can find a list of Korean War Purple Heart recipients in several ways. One easy way to find the names of these recipients is through the American War Library. The American War Library maintains a lists of Purple Heart recipients since the first medals were awarded in 1917.
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The Korean War lasted from 1951-1953. Hundreds of thousands of US military personnel were involved. Thousands of PH medals were awarded; too many for one single list.
1. Earning a Purple Heart is the obvious first criteria for membership. Family members like spouses, children and direct-lineage relatives may also apply. 2. Fill out the membership
The 1st Purple Heart was won for bravery in 1780 by 27 year old Sgt. Elijah
There are approximately 550,000 Purple Heart recipients that are still alive today. There are more than 1,535,000 recipients of the Purple Heart.
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Purple Heart
The original Purple Heart, designated as the Badge of Military Merit, was established by General George Washington in 1782... More »
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To find a list of Purple Heart recipients of World War 2 injured in Italy, visit the 2020 site. This site contains soldiers' records. Another option is to read ...
A listing of purple heart recipients can be found by going to ...
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