Where can I find a Kroger store number list?


Kroger store numbers vary from store to store. For a list of stores in your area check your local phone book. You can also visit your closest store and ask for a list of stores. As new stores are built or opened they will make new store numbers. You can also find store list online by zip code, city, and state. Kroger is also affiliated with other stores such as City Market, Fred Meyer, and Food 4 Less.
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Kroger Food Store, 9525 N Meridian St Indianapolis, IN 46260 (317)
1. Open your RAZR and press "Main Menu. 2. Scroll to and click "Address Book. Click "Create Contact. 3. Scroll to the "Save To" field and press "OK.
Kroger Food Store www.kroger.com 302 N Main Ave Brownwood, TX 76801-3134 (325) 646-7546
See the related link to their web-site. At the bottom of the page - click the 'find a store' link - and enter the information it asks for !
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