How to Get Kroger W2 Forms?


To get a Kroger W-2 form, you can contact the payroll or human relations department. They will be mailed to you before the deadline in most cases. If you have moved be sure to advise your store.
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1. Go to the human resources department at the Kroger store where you work. If you haven't designated that you want to receive your W-2 forms electronically, Kroger will automatically
go to and, on the right side of the page, type in kroger's ID number, which is 10575. Then put in your social on the next page, and answer a series of questions's_o...
Kroger must send their w-2 forms to their employees by
Ask the store manager to give you the URL of the site. That kind of information will be on a secured site since it is confidential, personal data. It's not something you'll find with
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