How to Troubleshoot a Krups Beertender.?


1. Verify that the Beertender is connected to a working power supply if it is not working at all. The electrical cord should be firmly connected to the unit as well as the electrical outlet. 2. Ensure the unit is switched "On" if the Beertender has
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Made in China - clearly written on the package - at least for espresso machines series 5200 ; and it badly shows. see that astonishing steam nozzle!
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To troubleshoot your Krups Coffee Maker, plug it into an outlet and turn it 'on'. Check to make sure there is no excessive water in the tank and check the amount ...
1. Unplug your Krups coffeemaker from the electrical outlet. The machine and carafe should be cool to the touch before proceeding. 2. Wipe off the outside of the ...
1. Turn off and unplug the Krups espresso machine before attempting to drain or clean. Do not immerse the machine in water and do not let it sit in water. 2. Open ...
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