What are Kundo clocks?


Kundo clocks were made by Kieninger & Obergfell. They were a German company and first started making anniversary clocks in 1923. They also made coach and mantel clocks.
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1. Place your Kundo anniversary clock on a flat surface. 2. Remove the glass dome and turn the clock around so the back is facing you. 3. Loosen the top pendulum screw, using the
the clock people would be able to show you how so you could do it in the future.
Hi Jerry, you have the correct suspension spring. Now for sure the clock movement must not be soaked in any kind of oil. There is a very small amount of power transmitted to the pallet
i just had my KUNDO repaired and the man renewed the electronical print, and cleaned the mechanism, and now it works fine, the original print is quite primitive, you should have replaced
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