KY Yours and Mine?


KY Yours and Mine are perfect lubricants for couples who want a bit of exciting exploration. The prices of KY Yours and Mine lubricants are usually from $14.00 to $17.00.
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It is a pair of sexual lubricants, formulated to produce a particular sensation when combined. For instance, the male would wear the "Yours" The female would wear the "
KY Yours and Mine is a water based personal lubricant for couples. !
A set of lubrication. One is a desensitizer (for men) the other is an enhancer (for women).
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K-Y Yours & Mine is a product that is used to liven up a couple's sex life. It has a pleasant scent and is not sticky. It will give a man a warm sensation while it gives a woman a cool sensation. Mix the two sensations, and you get something different.
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