How do I figure out the lock code for my Kyocera phone?


In case one has forgotten the lock code for a Kyocera phone, there are a few ways that he/ she can be assisted. The phone usually has another alternative code saved by the user in such a case. If the users does'nt recall the alternative lock code the only left option is to contact the phone's manufacterer. This is easily done online in the following link.
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1. Turn off the phone. 2. Hold down the "Volume, "Power" and "Home" buttons at the same time. Continue holding the buttons until the 3-D Android logo and
Kyocera M2000 XTC is a cell phone for the Virgin
1. Turn the dial to zero. Apply pressure to the shackle (The U shaped bar) Ad. 2. Place your ear on the back of the lock. 3. Slowly turn the dial. 4. When rotating the dial, you will
Just pull the screw on the side of it.
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