What Is the Unlock Code for a Kyocera XTC?


The unlock code for the Kyocera xtc is 111111. Do remember that in order to put the unlock code, you would need to go to the phone settings first and choose options. You can then change the code to make it easier for you to unlock your phone whenever you would need to.
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1. Call your service provider to obtain an unlock code. The code will work on phones using a sim card for service. Service providers will traditionally give out codes for phones that
Ur defalt phones codes is 12345 or 00000 u can use it Default 4 Digit user code: 1234 or 0000 Default 6 Digit Security code: 123456 or 000000 Default 6 Digit Security code: 000999
1. Enter *#06# in your phone's keypad. Press the "SEND" button. Write down the 15- to 17-digit IMEI number. 2. Contact your mobile provider. Ask for the unlock code. Provide
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