How Much Does It Cost to Join LA Fitness?


The cost to join LA Fitness is around $39 per month. LA Fitness also accepts guests and costs around $20. This includes trainer, use of weights, aerobic classes and a lot more inside the gym club.
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1. Visit an LA Fitness location near you to request a cancellation form. Provide the representative with your membership card to have a cancellation form printed. When the form prints
For LA Fitness at 40985 CALIFORNIA OAKS ROAD MURRIETTA, CA 92562 has
$29.99 per month, or $9.99 per week.
The cost all depends on where you live. Ones closer to city areas will be more expensive than ones in suburb areas. Honestly, I would go with almost any gym but LA Fitness. That chain
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LA Fitness is a fitness center for people to exercise to get in shape. Memberships cost anywhere from $29.99 a month and up depending on what kind of equipment ...
As of July 2014, an LA Fitness membership is advertised online at $29.95 per month with a $99 initiation fee. The pricing may vary depending on location. The advertised ...
LA Fitness membership rates are currently about $10 a month. The city a person lives in might allow this price to differ slightly. The best month to sign up at ...
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