How much do LA Fitness memberships cost?


LA Fitness, a nationwide health club chain, has a variety of membership options for people looking to join. There are a number of different payment plans and membership options for prospective members.

With this in mind, all clubs throughout the United States are company-owned and do have initiation and membership deals for new members where prices remain constant. Those wanting to sign up for the Fitness membership are required to pay a $99 initiation fee with a $29.95 monthly charge. Additionally, many new plans require the first and last month's payment which is twice the amount of a monthly membership.

It is important to note that the basic $29.95 Fitness membership does not include additional club amenity fees and that access to these additional amenities does cost more. It is always recommended that any person looking to join LA Fitness consult the location they wish to join for specific membership fees.

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LA Fitness has a $34 monthly membership fee, and you also must
1. Visit an LA Fitness location near you to request a cancellation form. Provide the representative with your membership card to have a cancellation form printed. When the form prints
I pay 38 dollars Canadian for a gym that I go to. It's a sports and wellness center. So has basketball courts, a workout area, a couple pools, a sauna and so forth.
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