LA Fitness Membership Rates?


LA Fitness membership rates are currently about $10 a month. The city a person lives in might allow this price to differ slightly. The best month to sign up at any fitness club is January, but be aware of the fine print when signing the contract. Persons who join rebate companies, like Ebates can save dollars at LA Fitness Centers.
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1. Visit an LA Fitness location near you to request a cancellation form. Provide the representative with your membership card to have a cancellation form printed. When the form prints
Average monthly fee is $25. Which city were you inquiring
$29.99 per month, or $9.99 per week.
As of 11/27/2011, Form Fitness's monthly rates are: Individual: $119 (250 initiation) Spouse: $81 (250 initiation) 3rd family add-on (kid 10-18) $60 (100 initiation) Student (23 and
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LA Fitness membership rates are as follows: membership per month averages around $29.00 per month. Membership paid in full averages to $700.00 annually. Lastly, there's a one time enrollment fee of $99.00 for all new memberships. These prices are as of December 2012.
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