How much does it cost to enroll at the La Petite Academy?


Depending on where the local La Petite Academy is located, the prices will vary. Typically, it will cost between $140 and $180 a week per child. La Petite Academy was started in 1968.
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It depends on the location. The website only tells you to look up nearby locations and you basically have to call or visit to get a quote. But they can run from 140-160 a week for
There is no listing for payday in the website but you can contact
I think it is different in different locations depending on the staff. Where Iive in northern CA it is pretty much glorified day care. O.k. if you want just day care, but I would
Start with Amazon or Alibris. If unsuccessful, call some bookstores in town.
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211 Edds Lane , Sterling, VA
(855) 389-6464
43800 Clemens Ter, Ashburn, VA
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