What Are the Answers to Today's LA Times Crossword?


In the LA Times, a crossword is featured everyday. The crossword for today will be seen on the puzzle section, both in the newspaper as well as online.
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You can find them all in tomorrow's paper.
8 Down in the LA Time's crossword for Apr 22 is 'hybrid meat' The
Aug 31, 2010: Crossword - 17 Across answer: PACK A PUNCH and 45 Down answer: LUANN. Good Luck! report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 10:07AM EST. Source: latcrossword.blogspot.com
Well my TV Guide says 5:30pm and im in Los Angeles, so 7:30pm central time, not 8pm. Source(s): Dish Network TV Guide
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The LA Times crossword puzzle is an entertaining puzzle where clues are given to solve the puzzle. Answers to the puzzle can be checked in the following days newspaper ...
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