What is a laboratory apparatus and its functions?


A laboratory apparatus is any piece of combined equipment that is used in a laboratory. Typically, lab apparatuses are precision-made to reduce variation in lab results. Also, their quality is important in fields like chemistry where faulty equipment could be dangerous.
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functions of each laboratory apparatus
1. Rinse the glassware with distilled water. 2. Scrub inside the glassware, using a scrub brush of the correct diameter to fit inside the container. 3. Rinse the glassware with distilled
1. to heat things. 2.the evaporate solutions. 3.the hold test tubes. 4.its the flask thats cone shaped. its used for containing and mixing solutions. 5.used to clean teat tubes. 6
This site will give you some of what you ask. But where is your chemistry book? Common Laboratory Apparatus Online Chemistry Homework Help Resources for Students and Teachers
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Laboratory Apparatus & Their Functions
Laboratory apparatus will vary from lab to lab depending on the lab's expense and sophistication, and the nature of the experiments done there. Although a high school physics and chemistry lab will not have the same high-tech equipment that a biomedical... More »
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