How do you deal with a lack of communication between parents and children?


Lack of communication between parents and children has been contributed by the fact that children, especially teenagers sought to seek advice from their peer friends, instead of their parents who have more experience in life than teens. This leads to problems related to everything from school to dating. Communication problems between a child and parent can lead to the child's disobedience.
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1. Establish an atmosphere of open and honest communication with your children. Healthy relationships between older parents and their children depend on an atmosphere of trust and
There are parents who rule their families in a dictatorial manner, and if their only concern is to be obeyed, then it really doesn't matter what their children might have to say.
Many children and parents fight over things like curfews, money, sc...
From my experience, children will be distanced from their parents. Parents will not be able to instill positive values in their children. Therefore, children will turn out not as
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