How to Dry Out a Wet Laminate Floor?


Laminate flooring for wet areas is to cover the floor to prevent it from becoming wet. You can dry a wet laminated floor by wiping off the water. Then open windows and doors for air to enter and dry the floor. Let the fans provide enough air for about twelve hours and then remove them.
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Laminate flooring Review
Laminate flooring reproduces the look of more expensive wood or stone flooring, but costs much less. Laminate flooring has a... Read More »
Est. Price: $4
Cheaper facsimile of wood
, Easy to install
, Resistant to staining and fading
Can't be refinished
, Doesn't help resale value of your home
, Can be damaged by water
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1. Mop up excess water. Go over the entire floor with your mop. Work slowly to remove as much water as possible. Wring out your mop into the mop bucket periodically so that the mop
people walking in and out of the house dripping wet on laminate flooring.
You should be fine as long as you cleaned it up right away. If the water stands for a while, it may bubble a bit. Most floors have a pretty good tolerance for water.
A volume builder type home with very basic amenities should cost $6...
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