What are Vietnam's landforms?


The major landforms in Vietnam are comprised of the Annamese Cordillera mountain ranges. There are other landforms as well. These would include the Vietnam Central Lowlands, the Red River Delta, and the alluvial plain of the Mekong River Delta regions.
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moutains- Chu Yang Sin, Ngoc Linh, Fan Si Pan
There are mountains, capes, bays, hills, peninsulas, volcanoes, valleys,
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The Annam Cordillera separates Vietnam from Cambodia & Laos. Annamese Cordillera principal mountain range of mainland Southeast Asia, extending c.700 mi (1,130 km) from N central
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Vietnam offers an intoxicating blend: vibrant yet traditional cities, unashamedly idyllic coastline, incredible scenery, pulsating history and culture, and delectable cuisine.
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