Landlord Questions?


Landlord questions can cover a lot of territory, but typically these are the questions a landlord might ask when screening potential tenants. These would include questions about income, number of people in the family, and pets. Other landlord questions may relate to ways to handle repairs, keeping a property rented, or how much to charge.
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That depends on the purpose of your questions. Generally, a landlord / tenant relationship is purely contractual, so the landlord's particular style of managing the property should
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talk to a lawyer buddy.
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It is important to follow the guidelines for your state when renting a house or apartment to a tenant. Each state has its own set of rules, which can be found ...
A renter should ask a landlord all the relevant details about the premises. The most crucial things include payment date, repairs as well as rent period. ...
Questions that a landlord should ask tenants include whether or not they have pets. Another good question is about the person's references. ...
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