How do you find someone to repair the mechanism on a Lane recliner?


A recall of the Lane recliner mechanism requires the manufacturer to retrofit the recliner. Not all of the Lane recliners are affected. Serial numbers determine the models.
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The best way is to call the store where you purchased your recliner.they will recommend a service company in your area. Depending on when you purchased your recliner , you may still
Reclining chairs have different features, such as highly adjustable recliner mechanics, single motor, massagers, storage compartments and patented lift system. Most reclining chairs
I have a reclining wingback Lane and it is leather with naugahide. When I bought it, you had the choice of literally thousands of fabrics and many leather grades. Unfortunately, manufacturers
My personal vote goes to lazy boy. Have had a leather recliner for many years,still fully functional,and still looks
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Refer to your Lane recliner manual and contact the manufacturer for repair details. You can also visit a furniture store for someone who may repair your recliner. Depending on what is wrong with it, you may be able to fix it yourself too.
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