What is the cost for installing lap siding to a home's exterior?


The cost for lap siding and installation for your home's exterior varies depending on where you live. The 2013 cost to have lap siding installed for a suburb around Chicago for 1150 square feet of basic (lower end) lap siding will cost around $3,105-$3,862 for materials and $1,017-$1,298 for installation for a total of $4,122-$5,160. This comes out to around $4.04 per square foot. For a better lap siding, the cost will average around $4.80 per square foot and for the best lap siding, the cost will average around $5.52 per square foot.
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1. Apply a moisture barrier to the exterior walls. Either use 2 layers of 15 lb. felt, 1 layer of 30 lb. felt, or vitex. Regardless of the material you choose, make sure the polyurethane
1. Install horizontal siding, such as aluminum or vinyl by hanging the underlayment and installing the trim. Ad. 2. Add the corner posts, using two nails in the upper slots to suspend
I usually get around $325 per 100 square feet for siding, soffit, trim, and to wrap all windows and doors.
Home owners face many choices for home exterior siding, but making the right selection depends largely on climate, followed by your home's character and your financial means. Goodness
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Home Exterior Lap Siding Installation
Lap siding originated with wooden clapboard siding. Today lap siding is available in a wide variety of materials, most notably, wood, composite wood, concrete and hard board. These long wedge shaped rectangular boards are installed in overlapping,... More »
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Exterior siding is installed by applying a moisture barrier to the exterior walls with maybe vitex. Staple the moisture barrier using a t50 standard staple gun ...
Find the space that the door occupies when unhinged from the wall and buy a door of the similar size from carpentry or over the internet. Place the new door into ...
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