How to Get a Laptop Computer Grant Free?


You can contact your local school district to get a laptop computer grant for free. They usually have assist students who are in need of laptops.
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1. Home-schooled students who seek grant funding for a laptop computer should contact their local school district. School districts allocate annual funding to assist in the education
The grants have certain requirements & steps to follow in order to get a grant
If your family doesn't have a computer at all, then you can go to the library or a friend's house to complete your assignments. PC's are generally cheaper than laptops, so I would
I had my Toshiba from Misco they even gave me a free printer... Also recieved it the next day..Checked the online sites (Misco,XMA,etc) Misco gave me a better deal Source(s): http
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Grants for Laptops
Laptop computers are a convenient alternative to desktop varieties. They are portable, allowing access and information to travel with the owner, and take up less space. They are sometimes a cheaper option for those looking into buying in a computer, but... More »
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