What Is the Best Laptop for under 400?


Due to the development in technology in recent years, and the increase in computer making companies, computers have become easily available and affordable. They are numerous kinds of laptops that you could buy with 400 pounds and below. According to the consumer advice website moneysavingexpert, the best bargain laptops for less than 400 pounds are the Acer Aspire 5349 at 300 pounds, the Fujitsu AH530 Lifebook for 300pounds and the Lenovo G575 for 300 pounds.
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cherrypal africa, its only 99 dollars and works very well.
Good laptops for under $400 include the Asus Eee PC 12GB SSD Intel 8.9" netbook
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With less than 400 dollars, one can get a laptop in good shape, mainly because of the increased production of laptops. Many websites sell Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Dell and Samsung laptops that are good to go for 400 dollars or less with guarantee. The best laptop brand depends on the brand you prefer. Available laptops with a price tag of less than 400 dollars can be seen at
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