What large muscle activities could I plan for preschoolers for the theme "occupations"?


To teach preschoolers about occupations, a lesson plan could include large motor activities, such as having children utilize the space in the room to create a restaurant. Discussion could revolve around the various jobs that a restaurant includes, such as the cashier, the manager, the cook and the waiter.

Large motor activities for preschoolers should include having the children move around and be active while learning something that assists in their academic and physical development at the same time. Another lesson plan for preschoolers could be a field trip to a workplace that allows conversation about different occupations. The class could go to a fire station, a police station or a farm. Another field trip could be a visit to the workplace of a child's parent or a teacher's family member or friend. For example, the class could visit a local bakery, a local grocery store, a gas station or a factory. The class could also learn about the occupations within the preschool, such as the teachers, the owner, the janitors and the accountant.

The preschoolers can create a collage on a large piece of poster board. The collage could be made from cut-outs of people with different occupations. Having children take turns standing up to glue or tape the picture on the poster board can encourage large motor skills.

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