How big is the world's largest alligator on record?


The longest alligator was 19 feet and the weight was not recorded; the record is located in Louisiana.The Huffington Post announced an Arkansas record of 14 feet and 1,100 pounds in 2013. By length the biggest alligator is 19 feet, but by recorded weight the Arkansas alligator is the largest.

An alligator 13 feet 4 inches and 760 pounds is the second biggest hunted and recorded in Louisiana. The New York Daily News published the record in 2013. Hunters in Mississippi recorded an alligator at 13 feet 4.5 inches, but only 727 pounds. The Independent News site for the UK published the Mississippi alligator details in 2013. notes the American Alligator is the largest of this crocodilian order, while the Chinese Alligator is the smallest. Skeletal remains in China indicate a record of 10 feet for Chinese alligator; however, this was centuries ago. Today they reach at most 7 feet.

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American alligators are the largest alligators in the world. Male American alligator usually grow to between 13 and 15 feet long and weigh about 1,000 pounds. Female American alligators
The largest alligator caught in Agusan Philippines weighs in at 1,075 kilograms (2,370 pounds)
The largest alligator ever recorded measured 19 feet 2 inches (5.8 meters)
The largest alligator ever recorded in the world measured 19ft 2in and was found on Marsh Island, LA.
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The largest alligator ever caught was 697.5 pounds. This crocodile was caught in Mississippi. The largest alligator ever caught was caught in the Phillipines, ...
The largest alligator on record was measured at 19.2 feet. The alligator was found in 1890 on Marsh Island in the state of Louisiana. According to the record, ...
The largest alligator ever caught in Florida was 4 metres long. It was trapped by Florida alligator trapper Lane Stephens on a Saturday from Lake Talquin. Stephens ...
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