How long was the largest alligator ever caught in Florida?


The largest alligator ever caught in Florida was 4 metres long. It was trapped by Florida alligator trapper Lane Stephens on a Saturday from Lake Talquin. Stephens spent five hours to capture this creature. He caught the alligator with a baited hook, which took an hour and a half, and then it took two hours for him to rope it in and get it in the right position to kill it.
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The biggest alligator on record in Florida was a 13-foot, 10
There have been multiple alligators within the 14-15 foot range caught and confirmed throughout history, mostly in Louisiana and Florida. The likely maximum size for an American alligator
The largest Alligator Gar fish ever caught, was 279 pounds from the Saint Francis River, Arkansas. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 09:18AM EST. Source:
10 feet long, 302 lb. caught on a trotline in 1910.
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