Largest Gorilla?


As of March 2013, the largest gorilla was named Gargantua. Gargantua lived from 1929 to November of 1949. He was the largest gorilla in captivity and was part of the Ringling Bros. circus. Gargantua was taken from Africa when he was still a baby. He died from double pneumonia but had a host of other issues at the time of his death. He was reported to have weighed between 550 to 600 pounds. He rose to 5 feet 6 inches when he stood upright.
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The male eastern lowland gorilla is the largest at 5 ft 9 and 360 lbs.
The mounted body of the world's largest gorilla, a 500-pound giant, is being put on exhibition
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The largest gorilla ever recorded was Gargantua. Gargantua is believed to have weighed between 550 and 600 pounds. ...
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