What is the largest great white shark?


The largest Great White Shark was reported to be a 23 feet in length and was caught around Maltaby Alfredo Cutajar. The year was 1987. The shark may have been 23 feet in length at the time of capture, but sharks tend to shrink when they dry out. Sharks are composed mostly of water and must be measured as soon as they come out of the water for accurate readings. The shark probably weighed around 4,200 pounds.
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Recently off the Australian coast some fishermen found a 10ft great white almost bit completely in half. The attacker was another great white believed to be 20-25 feet long. that's
The maximum length for a great white appears to be about 20 feet (6 meters). The great white
1. Visit the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coastlines of the United States as well as the coasts of Australia, Japan and South Africa for your best chance of spotting a Great White.
The largest great white photographed & endorsed as reliably measured was 21.3 ft & caught in 1945.
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The largest accurately measured great white shark was 20 feet long.
The female shark was captured off of Canada's Prince Edward Island in 1988.
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