How big is the largest known Kodiak bear?


As of March 2013, the largest known Kodiak bear weighed almost 2,200 pounds. Most Kodiak bears weigh around 1,600 pounds. The Kodiak bear's name was Clyde and he lived at the Dakota Zoo n Bismark, North Dakota. Clyde passed away in 1987 at the age of 22. The Kodiak bear is the largest brown bear subspecies. Kodiak bears can stand upright and measure about 4 feet in total height. Females are usually smaller than their male counterparts.
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Actually, the two closely related species are similar in size as far as weight is concerned. Large males of both species can weigh 1500 pounds or more. Polar bears tend to have longer
The largest Kodiak bear weighed over 2,500 pounds and was almost 14
1. Gear up. Hunting the Kodiak requires a good deal of equipment if you're going to be successful. The cold weather of the Kodiak Archipelago, to which Kodiaks are native, makes heavy-weather
Polar bear is largest living land carnivore, weighs 400 to 600 kg (880 to 1300 lb) Kodiak bears can stand 3m in height and weigh over 680 kg (1,345 lb).
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