Largest Polar Bear?


The largest polar bear in records had a total weight of 2,210 pounds and had a height of 11 feet. Male polar bear are normally the largest land carnivores.
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The largest polar bear weighed 2200 pounds and stood about 14.5 feet tall.
Polar bears become endangered when there is a shift in the climate of their natural habitat due to the condition known as global warming.
Polar bears in captivity seldom grow to record sizes. The largest polar bear
1. Fight against global warming. We need to save polar bears from global warming because the effects of global warming are melting away the natural habitats of the polar bears. It
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Ok there have been polar bears killed by several rounds from the little .223 and there have been bears killed with all sorts of guns that’s not recommended ...
Polar bears are the largest bear and males on average, are 900-1500lbs. They also stand at an average of 8-8.4 feet tall. The largest polar bear on record was ...
Polar bears are the largest species of bear on earth. They live in the polar regions and feed primarily on ringed and bearded seals. These bears have an average ...
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