Largest Reptile Ever?


The largest reptile ever is the saltwater crocodile. An adult male saltwater crocodile can weigh as much as 2,200 pounds. The length of this reptile can reach 16 feet. Older crocodiles tend to weigh more than younger ones. This is because older crocodiles are established in their territory and usually have the best food sources. The females tend to be a lot smaller than the males. A female can weigh as little as 300 pounds when compared to the mas of the males. A female may also only reach 11 feet in length.
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I am not sure about this but I think it is Liopleurodon. A 25m long carnivore that swam in the Atlantic oceans. They have a very good of smell and strong bite. It lived for about
Ok, there is some debate on this one-the largest living reptile to some is the saltwater crocodile who can grow to over 6 feet long. Now the largest "reptilian" animal is
The longest ever was an African Rock Python. At 49ft and 985 pounds the
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The largest living reptile in the world today is the saltwater crocodile. It grows to a length of about five metersand can get to a weight of up to 1360 kilograms ...
The largest reptile on earth is the crocodile. It belongs to the family Crocodylidae and is characterised by a streamlined body, webbed feet, a good sense of hearing ...
The largest living reptile is the salt water crocodile, scientifically known as the Crocodylus porosus. It grows to a length of 7 metres long and weighs over 1360 ...
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