Largest Snake Ever Recorded?


Pythons are believed to be the World's largest Snakes due their length but the world's largest snake ever recorded was an 11.5 meter anaconda from South America.
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The Largest snake ever recorded is a 49-foot, 900 pound reticulated python that is currently in captivity in Java, Indonesia.
Indonesian villagers claim to have captured a python that is almost 49 feet long
Largest snake ever recorded was a female anaconda. It was 8.45m (27ft 9in) long, with a girth of 44in, and was estimated to have weighed nearly 227Kg or 500lbs. report this answer
The largest anaconda ever measured was almost 28 feet long with a girth of 44 inches where as Titanoboa, measured up to 45 feet long, was the world's longest ever snake. This gigantic
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The Giant Anaconda is the largest snake in the world. The dimensions that earned the anaconda its title of king is its total body mass. The biggest anaconda ever ...
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