Late 1800s Technology?


During the early 1800s technology was still in the primitive stages. Later on technology picked up in the 1860s with the inventions from Thomas Edison, Graham Bell and Gugliero Macoi. The telephone, light bulb, sewing machine, typewriter and escalator were all invented during this time period.
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it wasent changed it was the same as today and everyone new that there was technoloy already lol not
Some late 1800s inventions include the battery, peanut
Good students ask more questions. eNotes educators are standing by. Technology of the late 1800's was centered around the industrialization of the United States. New technology was
Skirts in the late 1800s remained full, with a lot of that fullness located at the back. Bustles are pads or frames worn at the back of a skirt that dramatically increased the volume
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In the late 1800s many of the immigrants to the US came in at Ellis Island, New York. These immigrants generally came from Northern Europe (that is, Scandinavia, ...
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