Latent Period of Muscle Contraction?


During the latent period of muscle contraction, Calcium is released. There are actually 4 stages to the muscle contraction phase. The refractory period also makes up the muscle contraction period.
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Nothing, then contraction follows.
SCM's, scalenes pec min/maj. Not to mention all of the intercostals... which help us to get a full breath into our lungs. I'd also be concerned about the (chronic, low-grade) vertebral
Twitch - the response of a skeletal muscle to a single stimulation (or action potential): latent period - no change in length; time during which impulse is traveling along sarcolemma
Im not exactly sure what you are
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No action happens during the latent period of a muscle. This period occurs after the action potential and lasts less than one second. ...
around 4 msec. ...
What Events Occur during Latent Period? Nothing! Nothing at all happens during the latent period. The latent period is the period after contraction of an illness ...
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