Latest Science Inventions?


As of March 2013, the latest science inventions includes a 22 year old that designed a brain imaging research study. The device is placed on the head and reads the brain activity when looking at ads. The results will help marketing agencies to fine tune what should be in their print and television ads. This should cause a profit when consumers start to buy the goods. The company is called NeuroSpire. The process can cost about 5,000 dollars.
Q&A Related to "Latest Science Inventions?"
TYZ Train. Magnetic Train. Reusable Candles.
1. Brainstorm about activities that you do every day. Is there any way for you to make any of these jobs easier? Examine simple, non-electric machines-such as levers, pulleys, wheels
"Science Daily" is a great resource. It puts scholarly articles into plain language. Plus there are lots of links to background material. There are science articles on current
1. Determine what journals are published in the field of interest. Ad. 2. Check if the journals are subject to peer-review. Without peer-review the journal is of little interest to
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