What is the Latin word for "mom"?


The English-Word Information website indicates that the Latin word for "mom" is matro. The more formal word, the equivalent of "mother," in Latin is mater. The Latin word matri is similar to "mama" in English.

The commonly used British word of mum is matr in Latin. Latdict, the online Latin Dictionary, states that the Latin word matris is also used for "mother." The Latin word "matercula" is used as a term of endearment. If referring to a persons genealogy, then the word for mother would be genetrix. Another appropriate Latin word is creatrix, which refers to a mother or creator that gives birth to the existence of something.

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The most recognized translation of mother in Latin is 'mater'. Others are matris or
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Me would be meus, mea, or meum. Mother: mater, matris. Your: tuus, tua, tuum. And: ac. Ask us!
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