What ingredients are included in laundry detergent?


There are varying ingredients in laundry detergent. The ingredients can differ depending on the type of detergent. Some common ingredients include phosphates, optical brighteners, petroleum distillates and polyethylene glycol.
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surfactants which is a chemical that you can wash your stains out.
Detergent builders work together to soften water. The builders extract and bind calcium and magnesium ions, which prevents them from reacting with the other ingredients. With softer
Laundry detergents contain: surfactants (detergents) such as sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, sodium olefin sulfonate, fatty alcohol ethoxylate or soap powder. Alkaline builders
i need the ingredeints that are in gain to help me with my science fair project mostly the active ingredients are needed. the bottle usually has the active ingredients listed but
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List of Ingredients in Laundry Detergents
Before detergents, people used simple soaps that did an adequate job of cleaning but left a soapy residue on clothes. If you look at what makes up the average laundry detergent, you find a list of ingredients that may seem mysterious and complex, but all... More »
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