Laundry Signs?


Laundry Signs also called a care symbol which represents a method of washing, for example drying, dry-cleaning and ironing. Laundry signs upside down everywhere, it was intended to attract attention/customers.
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The Laumdronat misspelling, like upside down "Laundry" signs everywhere, it was
Spin Cycle Representation OR to catch your attention. A sign-installer’s mistake in the late 1960s drew attention from company executives, who adopted the practice companywide
We haven't noticed an upside down sign at laundry places. Maybe this is pure coincidence.
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There are many laundry signs with different meanings that would help you know what measures to take with the type of clothing that you own. Signs may be of the ...
The do not tumble dry symbol is represented by a square with a circle in it and an 'X' sign. This one of the laundry signs that you will find on clothes. These ...
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