Lavalife is online dating site for single people. In order to use Lavalife services you must pay a fee. On lava life singles can post pictures and create a profile to match themselves with other singles.
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After its inception in 1987, Lavalife began offering a tele-personal service that provided singles an avenue to meet up via the telephone. Lavalife entered the Internet age in 1994
Lavalife is an online dating service. It was started in 1987 in Canada, originally as an automated
From our video partners 1 877 LAVA 444
Lavalife's number for phone dating and voice personals is 1-877-894-3777. Ask us anything, we're 24/7!
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Connect, engage and entertain singles: This is Lavalife Ltd.'s mission. A North American leader in mobile-driven, multi-channel communities, products and services for singles, Lavalife makes single life an exhilarating and complete experience... More>>
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Lavalife By Phone is a new way to find a special relationship or a friend. Instead of registering on a website, you call Lavalife and create your own voice profile ...
The phone number for Lavalife is 1-877-297-5544 in the USA. The phone number for Canada is 1-877-401-4888. Lavalife is a telephone dating service. The company ... is an online dating website that also offers phone chats. The phone number for the phone chat is 1-877-528-2444. ...
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