Law and Order Theme Song?


The theme song for 'Law and Order' goes by the same name. It was written by Mike Post, a composer who has written theme songs for many TV shows such as 'Hill Street Blues' and 'The Rockford Files.' He's so well-known as a composer for theme shows that Pete Townsend wrote a song called 'Mike Post Theme.'
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The only title is 'The Law and Order Theme' written by composer Mike Post. It was written in a minimalist and abrupt style to reflect the rhythm of the show itself. Each of the Law
The theme song for Law & Order SVU from 1999 to the present is a song
This is actually a tricky question and is totally subjective based on what you want to achieve with your album, what economic model you are following (if any) and what the drummer
"Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" uses "a re-mixed version of the theme music from 'Law & Order' Music composer is Mike Post. In the Hollywood Reporter interview
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